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Advisor: Kaysha Lybecker


As a member of the Cheer Squad, the primary responsibility is to promote and uphold school spirit and pride at U High, while honoring the Pride Code and being a positive role model. Squad members are responsible for a wide variety of activities during the fall and winter season. They have the opportunity to participate in pep assemblies, parades, and community service throughout the school year and during the summer. Students who are interested in dance, gymnastics, stunting, sports, and performing in front of crowds would make a great candidate and are encouraged to try out.


Tryouts for the cheer squad are held in the spring and are judged on academics, administration recommendations, and performance skills. Watch for the mandatory parent/candidate meeting in the spring before tryouts. To be on the squad, you MUST attend the mandatory summer camp. Squad members are responsible for the cost of camp, approximately $270, ASB card, and a $25.00 uniform fee. The squad partici-pates in several fundraisers to pay for poms, shoes, and individual uniform items required for the season. ASB CARD, current physical, no fines, Athletic Eligibility State-ment with signed Pride Code, concussion form, safety guidelines.