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The ASB Leadership at University High School consists of two separate elective courses: Beginning Leadership and Advanced Leadership. Beginning is taken before enrolling in Advanced, unless you are an elected ASB officer, in which case your enrollment in Advanced Leadership is required.

Beginning Leadership introduces the goals and objectives of the Washington State Student Leadership Program. Studies include an understanding of communication skills, group process, managerial skills, self awareness, and an understanding of human relations. The class will assist in or initiate at least one school wide project per term.

Advanced Leadership takes the skills learned in Beginning Leadership and applies them to real world situations involved in running University High School Student Body Activities. The course coordinates all school activities, provides community service, and teaches students governmental leadership.

ASB officers assist in building the foundation of the class. Students will work on planning and communication skills as well as developing organization. Those that should take leadership classes are students who have a desire to lead and want to help and create activities to improve student life at University High School.

Some of the major activities ASB Leadership is involved in are coordinating Homecoming, Greasy Pig, Stinky Sneaker, and Spring Fling. In addition, students partake in all major school activities such as Blood Drive, community service drives, school publicity, student recognition, and completing hours of community service. The pep assemblies and motivational units are also part of what leadership does.

Leadership takes a lot of commitment and discipline but at the same time, it’s a blast. Students will develop interpersonal skills while bonding with other students that crave involvement. Leadership is an excellent way to make friends.

ASB Officer Positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations, Spirit Coordinator, and Historian.

An ASB card and signed Pride-Honor code are requested.