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Fall/Winter - Cheerleading

Advisor: Kenny Larios 

Email: [email protected] 


University High School Cheerleading is currently a co-ed squad made up of 30 athletes. We are a Varsity and JV team that cheers for football, volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. Our team also cheers at a number of games for the Unified football and basketball programs. We take pride in our community involvement, by volunteering at events like Hoopfest, Valleyfest, Fun Runs, and CVSD events. We hold all of our athletes to a high standard when it comes to academics, as well as being positive leaders to their peers. This year will be our first year as a competitive team. We are planning to attend two different competitions, where we will participate in the Game Day division. We are always working to improve our program, but pride ourselves on not only our skill set but our spirit and pride for our Central Valley Community.      


The UHS Cheer program exists to support school activities and to accomplish the programs own athletic and competitive goals. This can make a cheerleader's life very busy as the students will have commitments for camp, Practices, games, and community events. Individuals trying out should seriously consider their academic load, other sports or activities, jobs, or volunteer work, and family and other commitments. Even one person missing from a cheer activity can jeopardize the squad’s success for the day. However, while the commitment level is demanding at times, cheerleaders feel a sense of pride and unity cheering for their school and are always amazed to see their skill level improvement by the end of their season. We highly recommend students, who are interested in dance, gymnastics, stunting, sports, and performing in front of crowds to try out.


Tryouts for the cheer are held in the spring and are judged on academics, administration recommendations, and performance skills. You can find information on the dates on the website listed below. 


You can also find additional information about our program, such as Little Titan Cheer Camp, Mr. University, tryouts and show-stopping performances on the website.