Running Start

Interested in Running Start? 
Click on the link below to see the PowerPoint from our Running Start Information Night in 2020:
Mandatory Google Classroom Join code: udhs45w
Students interested in Running Start at SCC/SFCC:
Your first step is to join the Google Classroom (join code above). Read all of the information provided and then apply to SCC or SFCC. Once you have applied to the college and completed the Agreement Form (located in the Google Classroom) then Mrs. Rippee will send your transcript to the college. All EVFs will be completed virtually and Mrs. Rippee will be in contact to let you know what that process looks like. 
Please email her with questions:

Students interested in Running Start at EWU

If you are interested in getting started on the process to become a RS student at EWU next fall, read on.  

If you are a 3.0 or above student, have reliable transportation (either car or can take the bus) and are able to balance school/friends/work/etc., then RS may be a good fit for you. 

The first step is to join the RS Google Classroom (code udhs45w).  Read and sign the RS Agreement Form and go through the RS Training.  Within the RS Training is the link to application for EWU RS. Download the application (two pages) and fill it out.  It must be signed by both student and parent.  Then send me a virtual copy ( either by scanning it or taking a legible picture on your phone.  I will then do

my part to complete your application and be in contact with you about step two.  Keep in mind that all steps of the process (there are about 3) should be completed by May 13th to have the best chance at getting into the EWU classes that you want. 

Let me know if you have any other questions—all questions are GOOD.  J 
-Mrs. Bryant 
Current Running Start students:
Schedule an advising appointment here:
Jenny Bryant- Running Start Counselor for EWU
(509) 558-6060
Nicole Rippee- Running Start Counselor for SCC/SFCC
(509) 558-6056