College Admission Testing

Due to COVID-19 ALL tests offered at UHS this spring have been cancelled (PSAT10 and School Day SAT). Students who had already paid will be reimbursed. 


Due to COVID-19 May and June SAT and May ACT tests have been cancelled. Next available test dates:

SAT: Saturday, August 29th (Register by July 31st)

ACT: Saturday June 13th (Register by May 8th)


Due to COVID-19 ALL AP exams will be administered online. Here are the new test dates:

New AP exam dates

For up-to-date information on AP testing please visit this website: 

Pay for your AP exam here: 


When to Take College Admission Tests


The senior year can be loaded with college applications, FAFSA, scholarships, senior activities, don't wait on the exams. In addition, the best time to apply to colleges and universities is early in the senior year (September or October), so have your testing done before your senior year. Here are some general suggestions:


Sophomore year: 

  • PSAT10 in October as a practice (no need to prepare this year...use it as exposure to the test).
  • Focus on state testing the rest of the year.

Junior year:

  • Begin practicing during the summer, using preparation books (library or bookstore) or online resources
  • PSAT in October (this year, prepare yourself and take practice tests)
  • SAT in February or April (make sure to prepare before, using PSAT results and practice books)
  • ACT in February or Apil (make sure to take practice tests leading up the test, since the test and questions are different than the SAT and PSAT)
  • Only take ACT and SAT in June if you are planning on going to a 4-year college OR if you are retaking them, hoping for a higher score
  • SAT subject tests in at least 2 subjects (3 is better) IF you are planning to go to California, Ivy League, highly select colleges, etc.  You can take these any time during the year you feel prepared for the exam. They are offered on the same testing days as the SAT.

Senior year:

  • Retake any exams early in the year, if you feel a higher score will help

Community Colleges

Community colleges do not require an ACT or an SAT, but they do require math placement tests, like the Compass (SFCC and SCC). We still suggest that students take the SAT/ACT - the score can be used for scholarships and/or for Math placement. Please check with your chosen community college for more information.

College Admission Test Information 


School Day SAT- Cancelled due to COVID19

  • Testing Date: Tuesday, April 28 2020
  • Testing time: 8:00am
  • Testing Location: University High School Theater
  • Cost: $56 or $15 for students eligible for free/reduced lunch
  • Registration: Pay the business office

PSAT/NMSQT - PSAT Information

PSAT10- Cancelled due to COVID19
  • Testing date: Tuesday, March 17th
  • Testing Time: 7:30am
  • Testing Location: University High School Theater
  • Cost: $17
  • Register by paying the business office and bringing your receipt to Mrs. Rippee

SAT -  SAT Information, Registration, Dates, Test Prep

SAT Test Dates

 SAT Test Dates


ACT - ACT Information, Registration, Dates, Test Prep


ACT Test Dates


AP - AP Testing Information


Community College Testing - CCS Testing Information