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Yearbook Photos Senior Photo Information

Requirements: It is your responsibility that your photographer knows these requirements
  • Must be formally enrolled at University High School

  • Professional quality photo

  • 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches

  • Vertical Headshot, from the waist up.

  • High resolution photos only; must be 300dpi at full size

Here's the rundown:
  • Senior must be centered in the photo facing the camera, both eyes visible.

  • Pose must be a waist-up shot. No full body shots. No hands near face—arms and hands should not be above the waist. No knees blocking the body. If your photo is not from the waist up, it will be cropped. If submitted photos are not from the waist-up, then the senior's face will not be visible in the yearbook because it will be too small.

  • Senior clothing and jewelry must fit school dress code guidelines and be “school appropriate”. See handbook for guidance.

  • No props (animals, hats, sunglasses, cars, sport equipment, musical instruments, or additional people in the photo).

  • Backgrounds (trees, rocks, columns, shadows, etc.) should not block the view of the student.

  • Background must be simple and uncluttered. Outdoors is preferable.

  • No texture, name stamping, embossing, or date stamp.

  • Photo must be vertical. No horizontal photos.

But how do I submit?
  • Parents OR photographers should upload photos to the Herff Jones yearbook website

  • Select "Upload your Portrait" in step 2.
  • Submit photo in digital format. All photos must print at 300 dpi in resolution and saved as a JPG file.

  • Prior to uploading the picture, ensure that the selected photo file is named with the senior’s legal last name, underscore, and then the preferred first name (ex: Schneider_Lori). 

  • Here's a tutorial on how to change DPI.


Senior Photos are due: Friday, October 29, 2021.


Emails of photos will not be accepted and will quickly clog my inbox and keep me from getting emails. The system will NOT give you a “senior photo was approved message” as I have to go through and manually download and approve. You'll be hearing from me a lot, so please be patient.
If you need to contact me, please email 
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If you submitted your 2022 Senior Portrait, please
for confirmation of its receipt. This file is NOT updated automatically, so it may take 2-3 business days for the confirmation to appear.