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Blackboard messages from UHS Admin
  • Click HERE to read the latest information from OSPI on grading and from our admin on senior class recognition.
  • Click HERE for the  update on senior announcements and ASB Elections
  • Click HERE for the May 5th update on athletes picking up their equipment/locker contents & on graduation announcement pick-up.
  • Click HERE for the May 14th update regarding textbook/library returns & PE locker pickup.
  • Click HERE for the May 18th update regarding graduation and diploma distribution.
  • Click HERE for the May 20th message regarding book return, cap & gown pick-up (round 2), yearbook update, and senior awards night.
  • Click HERE for the May 28th message on Class of 2020 diploma ceremony and HERE for the attached map.
Virtual Learning Calendar
Weekly Calendar
Grading (Revised April 21, 2020)
As a result of a new mandate from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) communicated to school districts on Tuesday afternoon, April 21, 2020, high school students in our state, and middle school students earning high school credits, will now be graded for all coursework completed after March 17, 2020, using the following principles:
    • Grades for all students (Grades 9-12) shall be letter grades (A through Incomplete).
    • Students will receive a traditional letter grade on their final semester transcript, or they will receive an Incomplete (I) for any classes in which they have not earned a passing letter grade (A through D) by the end of the spring semester.
    • Grades for assignments submitted by students shall “do no harm” to any student’s final course grade, in that only grades that improve a student’s overall course grade will be entered in the gradebook for assignments given after March 17, 2020.
    • Teachers will assign an Incomplete (I) for students who cannot engage in the Continuous learning program in an equitable manner.
    • Every class taken during this school closure period will be given a statewide designator on the high school transcript to denote the unique environment in which the course was taken.
    • Students assigned an Incomplete (I) for a course grade will be given opportunities to reengage in the learning standards based on local school district decisions in consultation with the student/parents/guardians, including but not limited to:
        • Summer school,
        • Courses in the following term or year,
        • Independent study opportunities,
        • Competency-based courses,
        • Online courses, or
        • Backfilling the incomplete grade with the letter grade obtained in the next course taken in that subject area.
    • All students currently have an opportunity to engage in our Continuous Learning program to maintain or improve their mastery of essential standards.
This statewide framework mandate is similar to the CVSD High School Continuous Learning grading framework we communicated to families late last week in that grading of coursework submitted after the mid-March school closure will continue to be applied in a manner that can only improve students’ overall course grades. The main difference under this new mandate is that a grade of Incomplete (I) will be entered as a final semester grade for all students who have not earned a traditional passing grade (A through D) at the end of the school year.
Counselor's Newsletters
You can visit the UHS Counselor's main page for more information from our counseling team.
Google Classroom is the platform all teachers will use to distribute work and make announcements. Please make sure your students have enrolled in Classroom for each of their courses. Join codes are linked on the red text above and on the image below.
Every teacher has at least one Google Classroom set up. Whether it is a new one or ones that teachers had set up prior to March 13th, all codes are available here. Students should join the Google Classrooms for all of their classes so that they can stay in contact with their teachers and receive new assignments throughout the remainder of the school year.
Google Classroom Join Codes
ASB, Athletics, and Student News
Our 2020-21 newly elected ASB officers are:
--President - Tavin McAllister
--Vice President - Sydney Britton
--Secretary - Jessica Clark
--Treasurer - Paige Wagoner
--Spirit Coordinator - Logan Jess
--Sgt at Arms - Abby Boden
--Historian - Xzavier Elgee Sanders
Cheerleading Tryouts for the 2020-21 school year:
Tryouts will be running a little differently this year due to the current situation. The videos of the tryout cheer, dance, fight song, and a toe touch will be posted HERE and on our social media accounts on Monday, June 1, 2020. The tryout application is a Google Form and will be due Wednesday, June 3, 2020. If you click on the "Click Here for Tryout Form," it will take you right to the Google Form. The videos of yourself will be due Friday, June 5, 2020, no later than 2 pm. The videos will need to be uploaded on Flipgrid. When you upload the videos, include your first and last name. Please use your school email ( to submit your videos. The Flipgrid code is uhscheertryout.
Current requirements to try out are:
--Currently passing all classes
--Current 8th grader - Junior
Crimson Crew 2020-21 Leaders
Crimson Crew is a selected group of upperclassmen who are trained to mentor our incoming freshmen. We will (hopefully) have two days over the summer for training (you get t-shirts and pizza!). Then, usually the next week, our brand new 9th graders will arrive, and we greet them with activities, games, some bonding moments, a tour of the school, etc.
During the school year, the Crimson Crew leaders meet with their freshmen during planned advisory times.
If you want to spread kindness and connect with our freshmen, you will need to fill out an application, send it to Mrs. Grisafi, have two teachers vouch (email me) for them, and send in $15.00 dues. All information is posted in the Crimson Crew Google Classroom, join code: z6bi3v6